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How Are We Different

Core areas of the IT industry we feel needed to be changed

Customer Service

At some point it became a standard to talk to customers as if they too were pursuing a career in IT, and to make them feel as inadequate as you when there is a gap in knowledge. When hiring we focus on people and customer service skills, then we evaluate technical skills. Employees are constantly measured on the level of customer service they deliver.


We have a vision that differs from many of our competitors. We believe in treating our clients more like family. We strive to build relationships not just market share. You will notice our representatives are engaged and responsive, that is because professionalism and customer relations are significant part of our core values.


Traditional computer repair shops fix or sell you computer or parts. We ventured into repair, consultation, development, and training. This gives you a consistent point of contact when you encounter technology issues. We can be your point of contact for several phases you go through throughout life, whether its searching for a computer to buy for school or venturing into business.


We offer a wide range or reasonably priced services for residential and commercial clients.

  • House Calls - $50 per hour onsite fee, $35 per hour, one hour minimum
  • Drop Offs - $45 per hour, Free Estimates
  • Business Support - $50 per hour, Free Estimates
  • Remote Support - $25 per hour
  • Server Administration and Consulting

    We can help you get your infrastructure setup and running smoothly. We can also monitor your server's health to ensure it is available to your clients and employees.

    Virus Removal

    Annoying and/or graphic pop ups can be an indication that your computer is infected. The sooner you get the computer in the better.

    Network Setup

    Need networking help for your small office or home. If your looking to network printers, install networking equipment or your experiencing network weirdness, let us have a look at.

    Remote Assistance

    Who isn't looking to save time and money? We all are right? If your computer can connect to the internet we can connect to it and address your issue.

    Program Development

    So you need a program for your business to get some of your time back or maybe your looking to go digital from time consuming paper based processes. Let us help with the process.

    Residential and Computer Support

    Installing computers, computer peripherals, and troubleshooting computer weirdness can easily require you to reorganize your whole day, contact us before that happens.

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